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“Hmmm, let me get six large popcorns, extra butter, and a small Diet Coke. Thanks.

The top 10 list for the best movies of the year: View full article »


After a two year wait, here is the fifth entry in the Life & Times of a Skinny Perverted Scumbag series. [UPDATED 01/16/11 WITH A NEW BLOOPERS AND OUTTTAKES VIDEO] Click view full article for the videos. View full article »

When I originally told people I was going to Bonnaroo, they basically responded in three different ways:

1)      “That’s really cool!”

2)      “Bonna-WHO!?”

3)      “Who are you and why are you telling me this? Please move over and take your hand off my leg.” View full article »

My Favorite Films (Part 1: 1930s, 1940s)

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New Short Film: SAW VII

Last night I finished a brand new video.

The next movie in the Saw series…Saw VII: When they finally run out of ideas. I recommend playing it full screen (easier to read text) and having the sound way up.

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It’s not easy being a kid. Sometimes, your brother steals your Humpty Dumpty stuffed egg and tells you that he “fried him” and then proceeds to kill him for a second time by hanging him from a rope in the garage. View full article »

Like your own stepfather, The Stepfather is an awkward piece of shit that wants you to like it, but  instead ends up being a poor substitute for every other single thing in life that can bring  joy. View full article »

Surprisingly, Couples Retreat was actually funny. Then the movie went on for another hour and fifty minutes or so. View full article »

Zombieland isn’t just a consistently funny movie or a gore filled fun zombie flick or even a coming-of-age type road trip adventure… but a mix where everything works resulting in a movie that can’t be pinned down by labeling it as one certain genre.  View full article »

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming The Life and Times of a Skinny Perverted Scumbag Part V. This preview was created by Rob (SPS) and I had nothing to do with this except supply the footage from the previous installments. I think he did an incredible job and it only got me even more excited to make SPS V.

A movie like (500) Days of Summer is something of a rarity these days. View full article »

As a result of never paying that close attention to the previews of District 9 and never researching anything beyond who was involved in making the film, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. View full article »

Movie math:

Fairly good special effects – not so good special effects sometimes + Ecko from Lost – the “nah man, it’s cool. I fuckin’ got this yo” ghetto white kid from Coach Carter who plays the same damn person he always does, except this time he has a gun + ?????? = profit View full article »

The 2000s have been very kind to Adam Sandler. Well, his bank account at least. In terms of quality material, it’s a different story. View full article »

Talk about all style and no substance. It’s a Michael Mann movie but still…at 2 hours and 20 minutes, Public Enemies pushes the boundaries of how much “cool” stuff I could possibly take without any real payoff. Johnny Depp, we get it, man. You’re cool. Christian Bale, we get it, man. You’re extremely serious and in the case of this movie, extremely boring. If everybody in the whole damn movie wasn’t firing a  loud as hell gun in every single fucking scene, I may have fallen asleep. View full article »

The night I saw this movie, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. While drawing the scar on my head with a sharpie, adjusting my wizard hat, and burning an extra copy of the Draco and the Malfoys CD for my car…I honestly peed myself just a little in anticipation. Not so much that anyone would really notice, but just enough. View full article »